Coreopsis flowers are small, bright, and beautiful!

In the 'Language of Flowers' Coreopsis means "Always Cheerful," and we can see why! They also have the common name of "tickseed" due to the appearance of their seeds, and the literal translation of coreopsis is from the Greek word 'koris' (meaning bedbug) and 'opsis' (meaning appearance). 

Coreopsis are the state wildflower of both Florida and Mississippi, can be used in teas and to make dyes, and are a favorite among pollinators.

Despite being named after the bug-like appearance of their seeds, these gorgeous flowers make some pretty amazing jewelry!


This jewelry is made by a unique process that was developed entirely by our founder.  This 'petal preservation process' is a long and intricate process that takes over 6 months from start to finish, and took years to perfect overall. We put a lot of love into each piece, and know that you won't see anything like them anywhere else. We are incredibly proud of these little rays of sunshine and hope that you love them too.



Have something specific in mind? See something in one flower type but want it in another flower type? Custom jewelry available! Send us a message to see what we can do. 


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