This One-of-a-Kind Beauty is made from REAL Viola Flower Petals!

This unique, eye-catching, gorgeous necklace is made from REAL Viola Petals! This is a mini bib-style necklace with three petals from the same flower.  The petals are mounted to a silver-colored reinforced jewelry clay backing. Chain is Sterling Silver with purple jade stones to perfectly accent the petals.

Since this necklace is made from real flower petals, its colors could change with time. If kept properly, its beauty will last for many years (and counting)!  Treat very gently and avoid storing in direct sunlight, swimming with, or sleeping with it on.  Biochemically, purple pigments are more sensitive to UV light.  This has been coated with many layers of 4 different kinds of UV-proof coatings, however we recommend limiting direct UV sunlight in order to best preserve the colors. 

The viola for this necklace was grown in Warner, New Hampshire.

Length of sterling silver chain: ~16 inches

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